Have you noticed how accessories such as Handmade cushions, bed throws or bean bags transform the look of the room straight after you put them into the room?
Would you want something to brighten up your home or are looking for the perfect gift?  

Take a look at handmade home accessories and fine furnishings we have which come in lots of different styles to suit different tastes.

It includes Handmade Cushions, Memo boards, Beanbags, Tiebacks, Bed throws, Bed valances, Bolsters, Box cushions, Panels, Runners, Beanbags, Tablecloths, Headboards and other handmade home accessories.

Why not to choose a material from our wide collection of fabrics, where everyone will find something to their taste.
We’re also happy to make bespoke items with your own material.

Everything is Handmade and can be done in any size or shape to your specification.

Handmade cushions

When you add some Handmade cushions to the sofa or armchair the furniture becomes more inviting.
We can make them in different designs and shapes, with piping or tassels, with pleats or borders, with zips or buttons.
Handmade cushions can be luxurious, modern, and traditional, be a statement in the room, play practical role or can be just for fun.

Bed throws and Bed valances

If you like to sleep in comfortable and luxury bedroom and like to come back to tidy room every night, then you would want to have Throw or Runner on your bed.
You could choose cotton, linen, fine quality silk or luxury velvet from us or supply your own fabric. We can combine different fabrics in one bed throw to create accessory you would really enjoy for years.

Also you can add Bed valance to make your bed look smart and modern. They can be made with pleats in the corners, with gathered skirt or other design you would like to have.

Memory boards

What about adding fun Memory board to your kid’s bedroom of Family room to remind you about past holiday and future activities or put pictures of your dream gateway to get you exited about your next break.
We can make something very special for you to get the feel you want in your home.

Bean bags

One place you can go really crazy with colours and patterns is your Kids bedroom. Think about having few bean bags in different colours and sizes for more seating space for parties to make this time fun and unforgettable.
You can also have comfortable bean bags in your sitting room to have your rest after work more relaxing.

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