The furniture market has divided into the cheap and short-lived or the well-made and long-lasting suites.

If you are thinking whether to get new sofa or to re-upholster the one you have think if you would like to spend money buying cheap furniture every 2-3 years or spend it once on re-upholstery and enjoy your comfortable suite for a lot more years.

We are offering full upholstery and recovering service from just changing the fabric, refilling cushions or refreshing the spring system of your furniture.

You can supply your own fabric or choose from wide variety from us.

We have fabric with texture, plain, with pattern, hard wearing, traditional and modern. We can restore Sofas, Armchairs, Dining chairs, Occasional chairs, Ottomans and other furniture and give it a new and fresh look.


Loose Covers

Alternatively if you prefer not worrying about fabric of the sofa getting dirty we can make a loose cover for your furniture. It is perfect way to keep it safe from kids, pets, dust and other damages.

It can be loose or fitted and made in different styles to go with design of your room and shape of your furniture. You can choose fabric that can be dry cleaned or machine washed.

You can decide to choose different fabric for Seat and Back cushions for your sofa to create a new fun look of your tired old furniture.

We can make spare covers in different colours or design so you will have options of having 2 or 3 styles for the same piece of furniture for different occasions!

Covers for sofa, Seat and Back cushions will be made with zips, so it is easy to remove and clean.

Give us a call to arrange an appointment or send images and dimensions of your furniture for a quote.


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